Text 24 Apr A Leading Lady Shoots for the Stars

A new rising star has followed her passion all the way to Hollywood. It is a rare sight when a 5 year old has such a clear sight of what she loves and where she wants to go in life perhaps a gift of insight only a child could have. I was lucky enough to interview Miss Danica Metzger who started acting at age 4 and hasn’t stopped since.

Danica started out as many kids do, by loving to sing. The acting came a bit later. After a few auditions Danica was nailing her lines and booking parts. Danica a native of Parker, Colorado was going to and from Los Angeles and it finally became clear to her parents she was meant to be in California with all of the rising stars. So a leap of faith and off to Hollywood they went. Danica says she loves being in L.A. “I like living in L.A. because there are way more auditions out here and there is so much to do and it’s always warm. Plus, I see famous people at the grocery store.”

In perhaps Danica’s largest role yet, she is playing Freddy Kruger’s daughter. In “The Slasher From Elm Street” When asked about her role Danica said, “I got to play Freddy’s daughter. I didn’t play in the scary parts, I was just a normal little girl. The movie was scary, but it didn’t scare me. The only scary part was the first time I touched Freddy’s glove, it was cool but it kinda made me scared. The best part was that I got to drink two milkshakes while shooting the diner scene” When asked if there was anything about acting in movies she didn’t like she said, “The worst part of movies is that my family can’t come. Only my mom or dad can come, but I wish that my brothers could come watch, they would make it more fun and I think they would like to see how movies are made.”

Danica is no average child star who does auditions every second of the day. Though Danica loves auditioning for parts her mom and dad have made every effort to keep her grounded with hobbies and school. Danica said, her fun and hobbies are as follows; “Well, I like to ride my Jeep around, but I don’t get to do it much. I have dance class and I play baseball, so I am pretty busy. I have Dance on Mondays, Baseball on Mondays and Saturdays, acting class on Saturdays, and auditions and shoots in between.” Danica knows school is coming in August and she is going to be very busy, “I want to do everything I am doing now, but I want to play soccer, and learn Karate, and join the girl scouts too. My mom and dad say it’s gonna be hard to do it all, but if I do good enough as an actor I will be able to play all those parts in movies. I’m hoping to get a big movie that I put in for last week and If I get it I will be able to buy my very own American Girl doll with my own money.”

When asked who Danica’s favorite actor/actress is… Without hesitation it is, Arianna Grande. “I love when she plays Cat on “Sam and Cat” on Nickelodeon. I hope I can be like her, she sings and acts, just what I want to do.”

With all Danica has to offer, it is crystal clear that if anyone could give Arianna Grande a run for her money it would be Danica Metzger.

You can catch Danica Metzger on her big debut on Krueger: The Slasher from Elm Street opening April 15, 2014. Check theaters for listings near you.

Text 14 Jan An Artist Who Believes in Life

Pablo Picasso once said, “The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.”

So as I was spending a day on social media I noticed photos of a mural being painted, and found myself completely enthralled in the process and talent it took to paint an entire wall in proportion to everything within the picture. Mathematics? A good eye? Science? It is all in the talent of one artist. So, I tracked the artist down and found a man who had all of those qualities in his own works of art.

Ron Deane, an artist who grew up in Richmond, Indiana. A background in Fine Arts with a Bachelors degree from Columbus College of Art and Design. Ron has been a resident artist at the Indy Indie Artists Colony Indianapolis, In. and has illustrated 3 children’s books. Ron has showcased his artwork in the Indy Indie Art Colony Gallery in downtown Indianapolis and has painted several murals in Richmond, In, Indianapolis and Florida including the community mural project.

Ron an aspiring artist at the time found his talent at an early age drawing with his uncle’s then taking art class at his local Scotts Boys Club. Mr & Mrs Parrin were his art teachers and his largest influences for his work continue to be Jesus, Picasso, Damien Hirst as well as his Uncle’s Merritt Gordon and Albert Watkins.

When asked about his style and process Ron answered, “My style ranges from realism to non subjective abstracts. I’m working on developing a new style as we speak for installations” and “My process usually starts with a vision, then application of the vision to the best of my ability. I create with my whole heart more than my paint brush.”

Ron’s unique abilities include his capability to work as a professional in several disciplines. A master in visual arts, he also can sculpt, create graphic designs, pay acoustic guitar, sing, dance and take dynamic photos. A visionary who believes in his mysterious gift to see things before they manifest. Always being able to view his artwork completed before he starts.

Ron’s background seemed to be always guided by the creative. He worked for several companies including Housefield Marketing, Indianapolis Star’s advertising department, Off-set printing companies, an art therapist at Richmond State Hospital, and an art teacher at a charter school in Indianapolis.

Ron now owns his own art gallery and paints full time at RDNA Fine Art & Design Studio Gallery. His future plans are to continue to expand his company RDNA Fine art & design studio gallery into a campus of creative companies that will help promote the arts for the community of Richmond. Plans to help increase Richmond’s economy by providing jobs and commerce. RDNA consist of a Art gallery, photography studio, advertising firm, art studio and art school for adults and youth.

People can find him on social media, his gallery or by phone.

RDNA is located at
8 South 8Th Street, suite 14 
Richmond, In 47374


Link 14 May A Slice of Lime and a Dash of Salt: The Modeling Shelia....»


How International Beauty Laura Wells is Turning Modeling Industry Upside Down.

It has been well documented fashion designers as well as the entire fashion industry have had a fascination for tall, super skinny women. These models have shared such horror stories of chain smoking, eating…

Text 11 May The Modeling Shelia….

How International Beauty Laura Wells is Turning Modeling Industry Upside Down.

It has been well documented fashion designers as well as the entire fashion industry have had a fascination for tall, super skinny women. These models have shared such horror stories of chain smoking, eating tissue and cotton so they can feel full on a rice cake a day. Today, runway models are a “sample size” of a 0 or a 2. Collar bones have protruded past neck lines and women resemble walking clothes hangers parading up and down on runways, and why there are genuinely women who are waif like there are women who routinely going beyond humane standards to obtain these bodies causing eating disorders to run rapid especially with young women. When the first supermodels graced the runway (such as Cindy Crawford, and Christie Brinkley) they were a sample size 6. Enter today’s plus size models (which is anywhere from a size 10 and up) women have stopped being bullied and started accepting women did not have to be a size 0 to be sexy. Now with more gorgeous representations of women these days. I happened to come across one of the most desirable international model on the circuit today. Laura Wells is making a name for herself in the competitive industry and she is making it look easy.

Laura Wells is an Australian model who is absolutely stunning. She embodies a perfect representation of what women should aspire to be. Accidentally falling into the modeling industry after accompanying her sister to a job, she began to pursue a career where few have been able to break the barriers.

Most people assume “plus” (I use quotations, only to emphasize the absurdity of that categorization) models do not work out and I can attest to the exercise Ms. Wells endures on a regular basis. Laura is a master at cross-fit, which is an amazing workout for any mortal who tries it. Laura claims she is like any other woman and has insecurities, which makes her more appealing that she can identify what most women have gone through.

Laura, not just a pretty face, studied law before getting her huge break in modeling. An active environmentalist Laura continues to stride for clean oceans, a passion that has probably become significant in her life after snorkeling in the Florida Keys with rays and sharks. Anyone who is fortunate to experience the amazing ecosystem in our oceans can understand the huge undertaking and importance of protecting the oceans and beaches.

An amazing woman by any standards. Laura continues to educate others while redefining standards of what a gorgeous woman is. Every person and industry should embrace Laura and jump on her fan-wagon because she is clearly a supermodel with staying power!

Follow Laura at: http://m.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=143197819052232&__user=1427046935

Text 25 Sep Why Joan Rivers could possibly be the worst role models for young women
Let’s first just say, I am against body snarking at any level. You have all heard the comments, “Real Women Have Curves.” so why women are trying to be supportive  of one group of women it completely tears down another group of women. All women are real women! Body Snarking is inappropriate on all levels and I am tired of co-hosts digging their heads in the sand because they are simply there to collect a paycheck and not insult the host! 
Fashion Police is a show on the E! Network that is there to dissect women’s fashion. But why they’re are hits and misses in fashion it should stop at their choice to wear an odd color or hemlines could have been better on a dress. Fashion is a guilty pleasure most women enjoy. Viewers are there to see the fashion and the co-hosts seem to understand that, and are very careful on their critique but often Rivers jokes are not only not funny, offensive, they are just downright awkward and uncomfortable. 
And you may think its a joke, not a big deal. However, it is a big deal. Rivers is critiquing arguably the most beautiful women in the world and when someone says on cable television they are too fat, too thin, their arms are chubby. What kind of hope does an average women have? Anorexia is the number one issue women die from, and when that is the case, body snarking jokes are no longer funny. This is the truth when it comes to Anorexia…

• Only 1 in 10 men and women with eating disorders receive treatment. Only 35% of people that receive treatment for eating disorders get treatment at a specialized facility for eating disorders.

• Up to 24 million people of all ages and genders suffer from an eating disorder (anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder) in the U.S.
• Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate of any mental illness.


• 91% of women surveyed on a college campus had attempted to control their weight through dieting. 22% dieted “often” or “always.”
• 86% report onset of eating disorder by age 20; 43% report onset between ages of 16 and 20.
• Anorexia is the third most common chronic illness among adolescents.
• 95% of those who have eating disorders are between the ages of 12 and 25.
• 25% of college-aged women engage in bingeing and purging as a weight-management technique.
• The mortality rate associated with anorexia nervosa is 12 times higher than the death rate associated with all causes of death for females 15-24 years old.
• Over one-half of teenage girls and nearly one-third of teenage boys use unhealthy weight control behaviors such as skipping meals, fasting, smoking cigarettes, vomiting, and taking laxatives.
• In a survey of 185 female students on a college campus, 58% felt pressure to be a certain weight, and of the 83% that dieted for weight loss, 44% were of normal weight.**

One would hope a woman who has broken glass ceilings in comedy would know better then to tear other women down, especially in the name of ratings.

** Statistics come from Anorexia Nervosa Associated Disorder Inc. (www.anad.org)

Text 4 Sep Don’t Mistake The Biggest Stake in this Election is… Women’s Rights.

Photo By: Onevoiceforchoice.com

This is what I don’t understand about the Republican Party and I considered myself to be a Republican until the tea party started pushing their own agenda. According to the 2012 Party Platform, the Romney/Ryan ticket is against birth control, against abortion and also against welfare programs.

When Todd Akin (R. Missouri) spoke in August (2012) he may have awoke a sleeping bear, because currently we now realize there are men in congress who are making laws about a womans rights to conceive because they believe women who are victims of ‘forcible’ rape can shut down their reproductive system.    Providing one understands there is no difference between legitimate and forcible rape. One should understand that 32,000 children are born every year from either Rape or Incest.

But now take into consideration in the United States teenage pregnancy is still at epidemic proportions, there are about 750,000 teenagers every year who get pregnant. Even though teenage pregnancy went down from 44-34% (per 1000 in 1994-2010) any of the teenagers who get pregnant every year, 77% of those teenagers drop out of high school, 25% of teenage moms have to go on some kind of government assistance (welfare etc…) in a country where women already make 70 cents to every $1.00 a man makes. Now consider the number of teenage men who abandon the teenage mothers 90% of the time. 

Some have suggested the dead beat dad law, however its difficult to go collect from a boy still in high school without a job or source of income. But do you honestly believe a teenage mom has the resources or time to go stand in line trying to collect from another minor? That leaves an uneducated, financially strained single mom trying to work and take care of her and her child. It seems pretty clear that the antiquated ideas on the 2012 Republican platform is set so women never really have an opportunity to reach equal status.

And until women start standing up and demanding women have every right to birth-control as men do to Viagra. Women will continue to live in the shadows, for the sole reason the Republican party seems to believe government should stay out of one’s life except when it comes to your personal rights.

Maybe it is because Romney doesn’t have any daughters, or he’s inherited his fathers fortune, or maybe its because Romney has flip flopped on just about every policy he has ever spoke up about  including his stance on Pro-Choice but the message voters should take into consideration this November when you head to the polls, "If you can not trust the messenger, then how can you trust the message." 

** all statistics come from US census, CDC, and pregnantteenhelp.org

Text 13 Jun Top 10 women who are more known for their colorful life more t

Most celebrities have very fulfilling jobs, but then there are those celebrities in which are celebrated for other than their ‘talents’ or ‘original jobs’ Here are the top ten females…

10.Amanda Bynes…after crashing into a police car and being arrested under a suspected DUI, the actress has proceeded to get into 3 more car accidents only weeks after her first initial bust.

9.Rihanna…Rihanna had the crap kicked out of her by Chris Brown and after he beat her to a pulp she started back up with him again. Her philosophy must have been, “hell it was only my life.” Finally after he dissed her in a song she is now off to better things!UPDATE: spoke too soon she is still hanging out with Chris Sleezy. SMH!

6. Kris Jenner… This lady is truly undeniable. Not even 6 months after her daughter got married (then filed for a divorce a whopping 72 days later, she is already talking about another wedding for Kim and Kanye) Kris’s actions are suspect and somewhat what a pimp would do and the idea the client is her daughter makes her actions even more suspect. To add insult to injury when one of the younger Jenner girls is struggling in school because of a job, Kris does not flinch pimping the job….if that was any sane parent all jobs would cease to exist till she got caught up in school….where are her priorities?

7.Jennifer Hudson…JHud isn’t doing anything crazy but I’m over with her being a spokeswoman for Weight Watchers…she completely ruined I’m Feeling Fine by Nina Simone. I partially blame WW for this debacle, I do not know who handled their media buy, but her commercial seriously last for 4 hours straight, because they never stop!!!

6 Christina Aguilara….her no pant wearing, falling down drunk, gaining 80 lbs (she shouldn’t be drinking her calories) days, need to be put vulnerable contestants in their place attitude is getting old. I don’t care if you are a diva, It never gives you an excuse for just be a raving b@tch! Manners do not cost a thing. Now the Producers of the Voice need to put on their big boy pants and realize they are the employer she is the employee, it is one thing to be accommodating, it is another to be pushed around your own show….who is signing the checks boys?

5..Teresa Giudice I love hot blooded Italians, but Teresa needs to cut her husband lose. He is dragging her down, causing family tension, and the little girls are picking up on all the fighting. Shame on her for not seeking therapy. Teresa, you tried doing it your way, and how did that work out for you? Its your family, work your sh@t out! If that means therapy….then go.

4.Snookie... What can I say, Snookie is a hot mess. She is way to young to have a baby. Her drunk, falling down days of a couple months ago tells me this is a bad idea all the way around….pray she doesn’t breast feed so she doesn’t intoxicate the baby.

3.Angelina Jolie... Saint Angie is a decent person, except for having a little affair with a married man who happened to be married to America’s Sweetheart. But its the U.N. Making her an ambassador to countries who have never seen a bloody television set, the U.N. Could have given the job to someone on unemployment, but let’s give it to the multi-lillionaire actres

2.Lindsay Lohan... (Okay before I start on Lindsay, I secretly hope she makes a come back and here is why…there are people who hurt others and then people who self destruct and hurt them self.) She is of the latter. I don’t blame her. She has not had a normal upbringing. All this girl needs is 2 parents that are doing what is best for her and not their own careers. Given a normal childhood I think she is capable of making a complete comeback, but she needs to ditch her parental units.

1. Kim Kardashian...what do they call her these days? Kim Katrashian? Its cruel, but she is living up to her name. I don’t doubt she is a pretty girl….but she keeps doing one move over the next that makes her look like a fraud. Cheat on her first husband, Sex tape with Ray J, date Reggie Bush (she should of stayed with), date Miles Austin, marry Kris Humphries in millions of dollars in wedding gifts (which she kept all….including a quarter of a million dollar Ferrari), and now date the poser of them all Kanye West….but after all, he sang about a gold digger….he should be able to recognize one.

Text 13 Jun Why is Lindsay Lohan such a hot mess?

Lindsay Lohan is that cautionary tale in Hollywood that people always talk about. A young Hollywood Actress had her first big breaks in the 1998 remake of The Parent Trap yet; her life has been in a downward spiral since 2007.

Here is a complete list of Lindsay Lohan’s legal and rehabilitation record stretching back to January 2007 until the present (November 2011).

Late January 2007: Self check-in to Wonderland Center Rehabilitation facility for a 30 day treatment ending February 16, 2007.

May 26, 2007: Arrested for first DUI. Reinters rehab at Promises Treatment Center facility for a 45 day program. Voluntarily fitted for SCRAM bracelet to monitor her sobriety.

July 24, 2007: Arrested for second DUI. Charges include: Felony possession of cocaine, misdemeanor DUI and driving with a suspended license.

August 2007: Pleads guilty to misdemeanor cocaine use and driving under the influence and was sentenced to one day imprisonment and 10 days’ community service. She was also ordered to pay fines and complete an alcohol education program, and was given three years probation. Enters third rehab stint at Cirque Lodge Treatment Center. Discharged on October 5, 2007.

Lohan released a statement in which she said “it is clear to me that my life has become completely unmanageable because I am addicted to alcohol and drugs.”

November 15, 2007: Served 84 minutes in jail. A sheriff spokesman cited overcrowding and the nonviolent nature of the crime as reasons for the reduced sentence. The probation was extended by an additional year in October 2009, following several instances in which Lohan failed to attend the court-ordered substance abuse treatment classes.

May 2010: Lohan did not appear for a scheduled DUI progress report hearing. The judge issued a bench warrant for Lohan’s arrest, but rescinded the warrant after Lohan’s representatives posted bail. Lohan’s lawyer said her passport was stolen while she attended the Cannes Film Festival in France.

May 24, 2010: Rescheduled hearing date. Lohan was ordered to attend weekly alcohol education classes, wear an alcohol-monitoring bracelet, refrain from drinking alcohol, and undergo random weekly drug tests to remain free on bail.

July 6, 2010: Probation revocation hearing. The judge determined that Lohan had violated the terms of her probation and sentenced her to 90 days in jail, starting July 20; in addition, the judge ordered Lohan to check into an inpatient rehab program for three months after her release from jail.

July 20, 2010: Lohan appeared in court and was taken into custody to begin her jail term.

August 2, 2010: Lohan released from jail after serving 14 days of the sentence. The short term served was due to a policy of early release of non-violent offenders to reduce jail overcrowding. She was immediately taken to an inpatient rehabilitation facility where she was expected to stay another 90 days.

August 24, 2010: Lohan was released after only 23 days. Her lawyer stated that “the treating doctors at UCLA felt she had done everything required of her there.” Lohan continued with mandatory outpatient therapy but was able to resume work. She was ordered to submit to random drug and alcohol screenings and attend psychotherapy and behavior therapy twice a week, as well as five 12-step sessions a week. The judge said that any failure to attend the sessions or to pass the drug tests could result in a 30-day jail sentence. A new hearing was scheduled for November 1, until which time Lohan was required to remain in Los Angeles.

September 24, 2010: Lohan’s probation was revoked following a failed drug test. She spent part of the day in jail before being released on bail. A few days later she entered the Betty Ford Center, a drug and alcohol treatment center, where she remained on court order for three months until early January 2011.

February 9, 2011: Lohan was charged with the theft of a necklace reported stolen from a jewelry store in January. She was sentenced to 120 days in jail, 360 hours of community service at the Downtown Women’s Center, and 120 hours at the L.A. County morgue for misdemeanor theft and probation violation, to which she pled no contest. Due to jail overcrowding, Lohan served the sentence under house arrest, wearing a tracking ankle monitor, for 35 days between May 26 and June 29. While under house arrest, Lohan failed a random alcohol test. A judge decided it did not constitute a probation violation and Lohan would receive no additional punishment.

October 19, 2011: Judge Stephanie Sautner revoked Lohan’s probation, sent her to jail, and set bail at $100,000. Sautner told Lohan that if she wanted to avoid any further punishment, she must complete 16 hours of community service at the morgue before her next hearing. Lohan posted bail a short time later and was released.

November 2, 2011: During probation hearing, Lohan was sentenced to 30 days in the county jail, of which she is expected to serve two days or less due to jail overcrowding, and 400 hours of community service. If she fails to complete the community service she will receive another 270 days in the county jail.

Judge Sutner states: “This is what we call putting the keys to jail in the defendant’s hands. It’s up to you Ms. Lohan”

November 6, 2011: Lohan reports to jail. She is released within hours on Monday morning, November 7, 2011.

Good Holy Moses! How many chances can we give this girl? The sad thing is I am so routing for her to turn things around. Lindsay could do so much more with the life and opportunities she had been given. No one gets this many chances. Amber Portward (the 16 and pregnant mom) at least could recognize the only way she could save her life was to serve the 5 year prison sentence, instead of probation and mandatory rehab treatments. Lindsay does not have the ability to recognize she needs help, or is not mature enough to ask for it. The question when it comes to Lindsay is why can she just not figure it out?

One of the reasons would have to be her parents. Dina and Michael Lohan. Michael has a wrap sheet the size of my leg and his lies, manipulation and behavior just enable a very sick girl, not to mention enable her. Dina is Lindsay’s momager. (Moms should never be the child’s manager….EVER!) I understand the argument in which moms are the ones who love you the most so who would not want their moms looking after them. The ethical dilemma is the same whenever it comes down to a business partner or manager than the child’s parent. The same argument is made when a parent who cares more about being a child’s friend than an actual parent.  Parents are blindsided by parental love. One would say Lindsay is only emulating what she knows and if that is the case, she needs to get rid of her entourage and then the judge needs to put Lindsay Lohan in a Robert Downey Jr. (lock down) Before she ends up dead.

Lindsay couldn’t just lay low….and she got into a crazy car wreck with a semi driver and now, with this latest car wreck and with an open bottle of liquor in the car? Where are her agents, her parents, can we now put her on a 5150 before we lose her??? We need a mature grown up to take over here and I have a feeling we will be referring to the judge one more time on this one.

Text 2 Jun Who needs a pot of gold? You can just wear all the gold around your neck. Why we love Amy Van Dyken.

Photo by Amy Van Dyken

There probably is not a better woman who understands the joy of smelling like chlorine other than the accomplished Miss Amy Van Dyken. I love Amy Van Dyken!  Why not? Amy is funny, smart, athletic, and is a hometown ‘Colorado’ girl. The first time I got to meet Amy Van Dyken she was shooting an Asthma commercial at the Edora Pool and Ice Center in Fort Collins, Colorado (which I was managing at the time of the commercial.) I received an autographed photo, found out she loved grilled cheese and is almost a foot taller than me. (The grilled cheese is what sold me. Anyone who can enjoy a nice grilled cheese sandwich is a girl you can hang out with.) Are you all jealous yet?

If not yet, let me share with everyone, the excitement and energy she brought to Fort Collins that day and all the other days when she would practice with the Fort Collins Athletic Swim Team. When Amy was at EPIC swimming, every parent who had a child would try to get their kid close enough in which Amy would sneeze on them or rub some of her DNA, so the parents could have Olympic swimmers one day…. I am actually surprised given the way some slightly obsessed parents can be there was not a line in the pool where she would have been kissing babies, shaking hands or trying to cure sick children. Simply put. Amy is a legend to be reckoned with.

Not only does Amy take names when it comes to swimming but she has built a post Olympic career being a commentator for different sporting events and media. Amy has been a morning drive-time host on 98.7 The Peak FM in Phoenix as a part of “Chris and Amy in the Morning” from 2010 to 2011. A sports commentator for the Seattle Seahawks and the Denver Broncos (not to mention a few stints on my favorite radio show 104.3 the Fan in Denver) and now Amy is going up town, a break she very well deserves. Amy will soon be on Fox Sports Tonight with Rob Dibble. 

Amy’s swim to success was a very long road, and with every road there are ups and downs (great life stories always have their fair share of ups and downs.) Amy has withstood her fair share of struggles ranging from many relatives passing away from cancer to a difficult run with asthma she has had since she was a child.  Amy continued to deal with the daily troubles of her asthma all the way throughout her swimming career. Asthma so bad it would cause respiratory distress and she would have to be hospitalized. 

With all the success and trials and tribulations one would find it amazing that during this time Amy has not forgotten where she came from.   Amy is and has always been an engaging person, one you would not forget if you met her.  Amy’s charisma and willingness to overcome any obstacle thrown in her way such as Asthma (which would slow anyone down on good day) has only motivated Amy to go further in life. Amy has carved a future for herself in which she embraces as no other person would.

Amy has been actively involved in a number of charities, including the Make-A-Wish Foundation, and along with her husband Tom Rouen, Amy runs an annual celebrity fund raiser in Evergreen, Colorado to raise money for disadvantaged youth. There is not much Amy does not do these days, with her husband Tom Rouen by her side she is shredding her post swimming career just as easily as she shredded the competition in the water in the 1996 and 2000 Olympics.

What makes Amy the stand out is the fun and competitive nature she takes on every challenge, every day. From a swimmer whose high school team did not want Amy in their lane because she was reportedly too slow, to being an Olympic Champion (4 gold medals in the 96 Olympics alone) and Gold medal swimmer in the World and Pan Am games it is clear she will continue to rise to the top of the pyramid in any industry.

Continue to watch Amy light up the world on the Ron Dibble show for Fox sports.

Photo 2 Jun Pacific Seahorse by James Scott

Look how cute the sea horse is!

Pacific Seahorse by James Scott

Look how cute the sea horse is!

via earth.

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